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Parafeeld [Ayano Toki and Yohei Omura], NMBW Queensland Office [Andrew Wilson]

Meeanjin, Maiwar [Turrbal and Jagera/Yaggera]

Our tactic, Medium Hybrid-ness yielded sites adjacent to the curfew boundary established by colonists for Meeanjin [Brisbane] to exclude Turrbal and Jagera people after dark that straddled Maiwar [Brisbane River], an explicit urban marker of the treatment of First Nations people. We amplified First Nations presence and assembled a diverse cultural mix for Meeanjin, where compression of time and spatial density register at medium scale.

We accounted for First Nations significance, changes over time, historical evidence, urban form, networks of social space and current use to unlock the potential of the sites and contribution to the city. Speculations were developed against the backdrop of Brisbane’s selection for the 2032 Olympics and pressures associated with rapid development and population increase. The inner city has attracted significant development generating hybrid conditions often involving fragments of remnant infrastructure.

Here we offer the Story Bridge site, that bisects Kangaroo Point, marking one boundary. We speculate on a lively variety of uses in spaces under the bridge and strategic connections between the bridge deck and Turrbal Country below.


The work presented is an outcome of a Masters Research Course run in the School of Architecture at the University of Queensland in Semester 1, 2021.
Fahmi Bahmdan, Bowen Chen, Jonathan Cheong, Thomas Cleary, Andrew Davis, Edward Huang, William Jenkins, Pui Kuan Lao, Eojin Lee, Kevin Li, Mohamad Faris Mohd Asri, Eric Nguyen, Emily Richter, Yutao Shen, Moe Soe, Jinghe Tian, Ryan Wallace, Jack Young, Lingwei Zeng, Rui Zeng

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